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What are Colors? 🎨

Colors are everywhere! They make our world beautiful and exciting. But did you know that all the colors we see come from just three primary colors? And by mixing them in different ways, we can create all the other colors!

What are Primary Colors 🔴🟡🔵

Primary colors are the building blocks of all other colors. They are redyellow, and blue. These colors cannot be made by mixing other colors.

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What are Secondary Colors 🟠🟢🟣

When we mix two primary colors, we get secondary colors. They are orange (red + yellow), green (yellow + blue), and purple (blue + red).

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What are Tertiary Colors 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪

Tertiary colors are made by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. Some examples are red-orange, yellow-green, and blue-violet.

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Mixing Colors 🖌️

You can try mixing colors at home with paint or food coloring. Remember, when you mix colors, start with a little bit and add more slowly. You can always add more color, but you can’t take it away!

Real Life Examples 🍎🍊🍋

You can find examples of these colors in real life. Apples are red, oranges are… well, orange! Lemons are yellow, the grass is green, the sky is blue, and many flowers are violet.

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FAQ for Free Primary Secondary Tertiary Colors Flashcards

How can I make my own colors?

You can make your own colors by mixing primary and secondary colors. Remember, always start with a small amount and add more if needed.

Where can I use these colors? 

You can use these colors everywhere! In your drawings, your clothes, and even in decorating your room. Colors are all around us!

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